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Featured below are some collections I have shot. Different galleries may include comments, technical notes or higher-resolution downloads. Newer galleries are at the top of the page.

« Toyota Rally SA 2007

Time for something a little different.
Instead of the scorching summer fun that the Clipsal 500 brings to town, the Toyota Rally SA takes a different brand of motorsport to the beautiful South Australian countryside.

The SA leg of the Australian Rally Championship took place at Mt Crawford forest in the crisp cool weather of August, with the night stage held at Angaston and the service/repair park located at Mt Pleasant.

This was the first rally event I've ever been to and I had a lot of fun shooting these photos. I'll be back in '08 for more!

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 » August 11th - August 12th, 2007

« Clipsal 500 2006

Depending on who you ask, Adelaide's annual Clipsal 500 event represents one of two things. Some say it's all about the quest for speed, with drivers torturing themselves and their machines while attempting to shave milliseconds off their laptimes. "The Clipsal is just about cars going fast."

In stark contrast, others argue that the Clipsal is simply about the grid girls, beachwear parades & Miss Bartercard babes strutting their stuff... "The Clipsal is about girlies."

This year I happened to take photos for both perspectives, albeit many more of the latter than the former...

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 » March 23rd - March 26th, 2006

« Clipsal 500 2005

This year would mark the fourth or so time I've been to this yearly motorsport event in Adelaide, and it seems to get better and better each year.

A very organised event, beautiful weather, some time off work & a new camera to work with provided an extremely enjoyable four days for me this year, and hopefully you'll enjoy some of the images I've captured as well...

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 » March 17th - March 20th, 2005

« Along The Creek

Over the course of about a week, I've been taking pictures in and around the ponds and creek areas of my local neighborhood. Despite covering a relatively small area, there is a surprising variety of shots to be found...

As my first real shooting experience with my new camera, this gallery represents a sample of what skills have developed (or still need development!) when it comes to my photography work.

This was also the very first shoot where I have used the image stabilising ability of my new lens, which I can already appreciate compared to my original (ie. cheap) lens.

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 » February 1st - February 5th, 2005

« Clipsal 500 2004

Four days of motorsport around the speedy Adelaide street circuit. The first few days gave me plenty of opportunity to check out the track and scenery from the general admission areas (to "mingle with the common folk...").

The two main race days however were primarily spent in the stands - once you're in your seat during the main races, it's hard to get out because everyone else is packed like sardines just like you...! Despite this there was still plenty of interesting things to photograph...

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 » March 18 - March 21, 2004

« My Sister's Wedding

In early March 2004, my sister was married to someone who I've often referred to as Jesus (—I'm sure there's a reason for this, but I can't remember...).

It was quite a beautiful day for the outdoor ceremony and I'm hosting some of my pictures of the event for relatives & family friends... Aside from that, these pictures won't have much relevance to any other Pants Network visitors...

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 » March 6, 2004