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On this page you'll find links to various graphic-related projects I've been involved with. Photography galleries, creative artwork, image manipulation, website design, wallpapers, etc... The different categories below may allow you to view image galleries, download higher-resolution versions of my work, get behind-the-scenes or "the making of" notes, and more...

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The technology behind photography has existed since the early 1900s. Despite this, the successful proliferation of cameras really only happened after the invention of the Japanese Tourist in the mid 1980s, pictured to the left.

This important development, coupled with the Hand Edition release of the Peace Symbol (also featured left) gave millions of people inspiration to take photographs of stuff.

While I don't have any Japanese people around to take pictures of (but I'll desperately accept any offers...), I have found plenty of other things to photograph.
Some of these photos are on display in this section.

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Recent updates
« Newest gallery: Toyota Rally SA 2007.

Vector Artwork

Unlike raster-based images (which are basically just a collection of pixels on a fixed grid), vectors have a limitless resolution. Because vector images are simply a reference to a number of points, lines, curves or shapes, the amount of detail you wish to include in a project is entirely up to you.

You aren't limited by a set resolution; you are free to rescale or zoom any to level while still retaining the quality and accuracy of your efforts. Of course, there's a whole lot more work involved if you want it to look decent, but still...

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Recent updates
« Preparing content & notes for more new galleries...
« Newest gallery: Codename "Rachel".

Raster Artwork

Raster, noun
   formation consisting of the set of horizontal lines composed of pixels that is used to form an image on a CRT

(Not to be confused with):
Rasta, noun
   follower of Rastafarianism
   See also:
Jamaica, Tinky Tings, Yeah Babylon, Laundry

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Tools of the Trade

While I'd like to claim 100% credit for all of the content in this part of the site, technically I couldn't have done any of it without a little bit of help.

Instead of continuing work with my big Crayola set (with built-in sharpener), I've now moved into the digital realm. Rather than working directly in binary code, there's a few tools I use to make the creative process a tad easier...

This section provides a basic run-down of some major tools I use that help me create the photos & artwork shown here in the Pixels section of Pants.

See what I use to get the job done...