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Raster artwork galleries

Featured below are some raster/bitmap illustrations I have created. Many of the works here are quite old and crappy; I have since started creating vector-based artwork as well. These newer (yet still crappy) projects can be found in my vector artwork galleries.

Please note:

For the moment there are only a few seemingly random items in these galleries. I will begin posting some of my larger projects once I have organised them. The larger projects should include things like detailed step-by-step progressions (outlining how the works are constructed), behind-the-scenes comments and more...

« Codename "Sarah"

This is one of my favourite little projects I've created over the years, and it's also (by far) the quickest to create.

One day I was mucking about in Paint Shop Pro and found a neat way to simulate the texture of 'traditional' brush strokes. About an hour later, I had a portrait that almost looked like it came from a real-life canvas painting...

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 » Production notes

« The Hall Of Shame (Rejected Concepts)

This gallery contains random projects that (for one reason or another) should never see the light of day. It could be because I was lacking in skill, they were perhaps too ambitious or they just plain sucked.

In the interests of posterity, and because it's good to laugh at yourself sometimes, I'm uploading them anyway.

You have been warned — enter at your own risk.

[ Gallery coming soon... ]