The artist formerly known as Tight.

Tight isn't here anymore...

When tight.pantsnetwork.com first appeared on Pants Network in November 2003, plenty of questions were raised.

Many were wondering "What's the point of this site?", a few thousand visitors asked "How can I download all these free albums & films from your site?" (thanks Google for all those referrals...), and several people thought that Tight and Adam were the same person.

Regardless of all these questions and the fact none of them were ever suitably answered, only one question remains relevant right now: "Where did Tight go?".

After many calls to his parole officer and other appropriate authorities, it appears as though Tight has left the building, leaving his site to become as out-of-date as my own. And you all know that can't be a good thing...

If there are any Pants Network visitors who have come into contact with Tight in the past few weeks, they are advised to contact Bank SA Crimestoppers immediately on 1800 333 000.

- Adam