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Vector artwork galleries

Featured below are some vector illustrations I have created. Different galleries may include comments, technical notes or higher-resolution/source-file downloads. Newer galleries are at the top of the page.

The majority of the artwork shown here was created exclusively using Macromedia Flash.

Please note:

For the moment there are only a few seemingly random items in these galleries. I will begin posting some of my larger projects once I have organised them. The larger projects should include things like detailed step-by-step progressions (outlining how the works are constructed), behind-the-scenes comments and more...

« Codename "Mayumi"

It appears as though I go through a phase every year, where I attempt to create a pretty picture of a vectorized woman. Well, "Mayumi" would be my 2005 attempt. :)

This project presented new challenges for me, but it also led to new techniques and a visual style that my earlier attempts could not achieve thanks to new Flash features.

[ Gallery coming soon... ]

  Original timeframe: A few days in December 2005
  Status: I'll (hopefully) finish up the project shortly...

« Codename "Amber"

My most ambitious vector project yet. This piece is so much more detailed than "Rachel" (see below), and is taking far more effort and time to create.

I have recently started preparing the hair (although not shown in the preview pic to the left), so I must be pretty close to scrapping the whole project! Let's hope not.

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« Codename "Rachel"

My first attempt at a realistic-looking vectorized human face. All was going good until I got to the hair, then I remembered that I have never ever had any luck creating a realistic body of hair. Just like my friend Patty.

There's still a chance I'll return to this project, perhaps trying a different approach for the hair next time...

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« Berlin Wall widgets

This gallery represents some of the vector work I have created for the Berlin Wall Software Supermarket during my time there... These assets were originally created for use on their website, but they also were used in many printed documents, such as advertisements, and documents or forms used both internally & externally.

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