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Berlin Wall widgets

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Page 012001: The early stuff.
Page 022002-2004: The icon stuff.

Gallery Notes

Project information

 » Timeframe: May 2001 - June 2004
 » Status: Apparently I'm "off the project"
 » Software used: Flash 5/MX/MX2004 (Paint Shop Pro 5/6 for the caricature)

Production notes

Page 01:
The two pieces shown on Page 01 represent two significant firsts (and lasts) in my vector portfolio.

The caricature of the Berlin Wall store was the first vector image I created using what would've been Paint Shop Pro (version 5 or 6 back then...). Although I think the picture turned out reasonably decent in the end, certainly having aged gracefully compared to some of my other work, PSP's handling of vector linework back then (early 2001) was shocking.

You can see by the outline/"wireframe" pic that the scene wasn't too complicated, only having about 20 layers for the whole drawing. Despite this, PSP tended to crawl to a halt far too often, so my frustration eventually led me to Flash, which I've used ever since for any vector stuff.

The second piece on the first page is all 59 frames of my first Flash animation, a crappy rotating cube. Even crappier than this cube was the horrible time I had creating it, plus ultimately the final destination of the animation. For the better half of two years, this animation was part of a Flash-based menu system that I had created for the BWSS site.

Thankfully the Flash menu is not used on the site anymore, but the animation is still there in the form of an animated GIF. Despite people actually complaining when the menu disappeared off the site, I learnt some valuable lessons from this. I made a promise to myself that I'd never force the Flash plug-in upon anyone visiting a website that I've created. Pants Network is proudly free of the Flash plug-in (and will stay that way), although ironically most of the things that appear on the site have some involvement with Flash... :)

Page 02:
This page contains a small selection of over 40 Flash icons I had created to represent different sections of the Berlin Wall website. Because of the sheer amount of content involved, part of my original design ideas for the BW website was to group related pages together using colour. Four colours were used originally (Red: Main page, Green: Services, Blue: Products, Orange: BWSS-Specific), although a number of sections were reassigned colours as the site grew over the years.

The majority of these icons were created in 2002, but a few odd sections were added later down the track, leading up to the addition of online shopping cart facilities in 2003/04. The newer icons were prepared more carefully so I could easily update the asset to match a different (colour-coded) section of the website if needed. You can see examples of this in the final image. The grey colour was to become the section for all the online shopping ("Spandex") areas, but eventually it was merged into the green group.