Children, cover your eyes.

Around The Creek

February 1st - February 5th, 2005
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Page 01 Small pond
Page 02 Small pond quacks/duggies/birdlife
Page 03 Small pond birdlife
Page 04 In between the ponds
Page 05 In between the ponds
Page 06 The colour green (*cough*)
Page 07 The winding path
Page 08 Big pond (no, not this one...)
Page 09 Big pond
Page 10 Big pond
Page 11 Big pond
Page 12 Big pond
Page 13 Big pond birdlife
Page 14 Big pond birdlife
Page 15 Big pond birdlife
Page 16 Concrete pond birdlife
Page 17 Locals feeding the locals
Page 18 Concrete pond birdlife